Happy Sunday Nail Crazies!!
I Hope everyone is having a great weekend! My Sunday will consist of cleaning, organizing and running errands, borrrinnng! haha But I do have some fun and super bright polishes to share with you which will help brighten the day! Today I have a handful of Polish Addict Nail Colors Neon Collection. There is a lot of polishes in this collection and as much as I really wanted to purchase all of them I just couldn't afford it so I just grabbed the main ones I had my eye on. Now I really hope these stay in stock for a long time so I can buy and review the rest because if they are anything like these ones I will definitely not be disappointed! As you know usually I post separate reviews for each polish but all of them were the same polishes just different colors. So I'm just gonna write one review based on all the polishes pictured below.

Not only were the colors very bright but the holo glitter in them made them that much better. The formula and consistency was really good. I used 3 coats for each swatch to achieve full opacity and sealed them with GlistenandGlows top coat. If you don't use a top coat the polish looks like a waxy matte type finish which actually looked cool as well. I did come across some tiny pigment pieces which happens a lot after a polish settles but after the 3rd coat I could no longer see them. Looking at all these swatches makes me so sad that I'm on a no buy, I really want the rest of this beautiful collection! Haha

First up is Neon Moon. Neon Moon is a bright blue jelly with scattered holo glitters.

Next is Lime Light. Lime Light is a neon green jelly with scattered holo glitters. My favorite in this set!

Third is Kiss A Mermaid. Kiss a Mermaid is a bright coral jelly with scattered holo glitter.

And Last we have Sea Witch. Sea Witch is a vivid purple jelly with scattered holo glitters. My second favorite from this set.

I also did a fun and bright mani with all of these polishes and used @teismom Nail Vinyls as well!

Overall I give these polishes a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Formula, consistency and application were all great but the little pigment chunks through me off a bit. But don't let that deter you from ordering because like I stated above, once you reach full opacity the pigment chunks seem to be unnoticeable! 
$45.00 for mini collection
$90.00 for full size collection
$9.00 full size
$4.50 for minis

Please note that I did these swatches a couple weeks back before I sadly had to file my nails to nubs due to 2 broken nails. Also, I was not asked by PANC to review their polishes, I purchased and reviewed for myself
Until next time!

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