Charlies Rad Lacquer-Noble Gases Collection.

Purchased by me
Hello My Fellow Nail Crazies!
So today I have a collection that I purchased about a month ago and finally had time to swatch and man oh man! I LOVED every single polish and I am now seriously bummed I only bought half of them in full size. Meet the Noble Gases Collection by Charlies Rad Lacquer. These amazing bright and beautiful holo polishes were unbelievable! The formulas were awesome and they applied like butter.

 Now I had to purchase these polishes not only because I'm addicted to neon's but because of the collections theme. My husband has worked in the gas industry for almost 10 years now where they fill these gases that get sent out to hospitals, stores etc. So you can bet my husband gave me a funny look when he came home to see what polishes I got that day and seen the names! haha!

All 6 of these polishes have the same formula and application, just different colors so I wont be doing individual reviews per polish. I use 2 coats to achieve full opacity for each and sealed them all with a glossy top coat. They all had a very linear glitter finish to them and sparkled like crazy!

Now feast your eyes on these bright beauties!

Xenon - Purple linear holo polish.

Radon - A neon green linear holo polish.

Krypton - A deep blue linear holo polish.

Argon - A bright pink linear holo polish.

Neon - A bright orange linear holo polish.

Helium - A neon yellow linear holo polish.

Overall as you can tell from the beginning of this review I loved everyone of these polishes. If you love bright fun and holo goodness then this collection is a must own! You can get these polishes still in Charlies Rad Lacquer shop. What are you waiting for? Go order yours! haha


Until Next Time!

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