Complimentary Colors Free Hand Challenge

Hello My Fellow Nail Crazies! 
I know 2 post in one day! ahhh! Sorry guys I over booked my blogging schedule and I try my best to not do that at all but sometimes I have no choice in the matter. Anywho, Tonight's blog is not about a product review but simply a post to share with you an art manicure I did for a Challenge.

I recently joined a group on Facebook called Freehand Nail Art. It's a group where all fellow nail art lovers can unite and share their beautiful freehand nail art. This week a challenge was made where we all voted on themes and 3 were picked. This first one is Complimentary Colors. Which are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. I picked purple and yellow. These are 2 colors I don't think I would normally put together unless it was Mardi Gras related, haha! But surprisingly I actually loved how the colors came together and not Mardi Gras looking at all!

Polishes used:
NYC Matte Top Coat
China Glaze - Lighthouse
Bliss Polish - Radiant
Sincerely Polish - Far From Here

I had very little time to do anything detailed but I still really wanted to participate so I decided to do a technique I've seen a lot of people do. I first seen it done by @mc_polish. Its called "Splatter Flowers", at least that's what I see other people calling it lol Is that right? haha ah well, either way the technique is very simple and fun to do and I love anything that's simple but beautiful!

I first used 'Far From Here' as a base. Then, using 'Lighthouse' and 'Radiant' I did the dry brush technique on the corners of my nails. As you can see, I did the dry brush technique on the middle of my nail on my middle finger. ugh, felt like I just wrote middle too many times haha! Anyways, once dry, with black acrylic paint(you can also use black polish instead) I free hand painted the flowers and added the dots with a dotting tool. I sealed the entire mani with a matte top coat. I'm not huge on matte top coats but for some reason something was pulling at me and telling me to Matte All the Manis! haha! I think the matte was perfect for this but if you try to recreate I'm sure a glossy top coat will be just as pretty!

For a quick mani I think this is a super pretty and I absolutely loved the outcome of mine! 
Well I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below! Also, if you love to do free hand art come join us at Freehand Nail Art on Facebook!

Until Next Time!

Check out the other ladies "Complementary Color" manis below!

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