12 Days of Christmas: Glitter

Happy Humpday Nail Crazies!
Today's prompt for the Challenge Your Nail Art Challenge is Glitter. I love me some glitter!! haha I've had this glitter design idea in my mind since the beginning of the challenge and a few days back one of my customers did a design somewhat similar(minus the glitter part) which made me love the idea even more, to see her beautiful mani you can check her IG out here. I'm pleased to say that even though my mani didn't turn out just as I pictured I'm still pretty happy with it.

I used String Of Lights by CDB Lacquer as my base(for those who don't already know, CDB Lacquer is my polish line) This is one of my favorite polishes I have made to date and one of my best sellers as well which always makes my heart smile hehe. Anyways, I then added the lights using acrylic paint and carefully added loose glitter to each bulb to give it a glowing, sparkly look. 

Hers is a macro shot.

Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to check out the other fun and beautiful glitter manis below!