Born Pretty Store: Water Drop Water Decals

Hello My Fellow Nail Crazies!
Today I have some water decals(more like wraps) from the Born Pretty Store to share with you.

1 Sheet Water Decals Full Stickers Starry Sky Water Drop Mustache Print Full Nail Art Water Decals # 17538 $1.99

These were one of those items that looked pretty cool online and even in the package but once on the nails didn't look quite like what I expected. I have used water decals/wraps from born pretty before and loved them so I wasn't expecting these to be the complete opposite. I wasn't thrilled with them for numerous reasons.
1. I couldn't get any of them to fit my nail properly. They were either too small or too big and I'm not good with having to cut the decal to fit my nail.(I'm not talking about the length by the way, I mean the width and shape of them)
2. Some of the decals had a white rim around the water drop image making it look off.(can be seen on the top of my ring nail) I tried removing them with both scissors and acetone and I just ended up making them look worse.
3. While applying them they wrinkled.
and 4. When trying to apply them to my nail the image started to actually tear apart(as you can really see at the bottom of the macro shot)

Once I applied a couple coats of a top coat the wrinkles weren't as noticeable but there was nothing I could do about the tearing. I had to redo this mani numerous times before I finally just had to throw in the towel because no matter what I did nothing was changing. I really hate giving bad reviews but in my opinion I really just didn't like these decals. Like I said above, I have used numerous water decals/wraps from Born Pretty before and did not have these problems so I don't know if these are made differently or what. If you want to test these out for yourself you can get them for $1.99. Check out the links below for more info!

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