12 Days of Christmas: Snowmen

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TGIF Nail Crazies!
Today I will be sharing a mani for the "12 Days of Christmas" Challenge. This challenge is hosted in the Challenge Your Nail Art group on facebook. Day 5 is Snowmen.
So I had a completely different mani in mind for this prompt but at last minute decided on this one. Now if you know me at all you know I am obsessed with the BBC show Doctor Who. And one of my favorite Christmas episodes is called "The Snowmen". The title is pretty self explanatory I guess, except the fact that these snowmen aren't cute little snowmen, they are evil snowmen that have shark like teeth! Eek! lol
Aww don't you just want to hug and squeeze his cuteness?! bahahaha

And here is another picture I used of the 11th Doctor and his companion Clara, for inspiration.

Anyways, Here is my finished result!

This took almost 4 hours to do! I used pink flocking powder to make the evil snowmen look textured. I painted them white with slight icy blue shadows. They looked hilarious when pink, I wish I took a pic to share with you, they looked like evil cotton candy blobs hahaha

Here is a macro of the evil snowmen.

I hope you all like them, especially my fellow whovians!

Don't forget to check out all the other snowmen manis from the Challenge Your Nail Art group below.

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  1. Your freehand amazes me!! This design is awesome!!!!!

  2. OMG your freehand is outstanding, they look amazing!

  3. Ohhh they are so evil and fuzzy! Awesome job on the freehanding as well. This is an amazing look!



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