The Nail Art Guild: Wonderland

Hello my fellow nail crazies!
Anyone have any good plans for the weekend? Only things on my agenda is food shopping and cleaning, boo! haha Hoping to get some nail swatching done as well! Anyways, today I have a mani I did for the Nail Art Guild group on Instagram, And this weeks prompt was Alice in Wonderland. Now I have done quite a few manis of the Disney Cartoon version so I figured this time around I would try my hand at the Tim Burton Version.
This is the image I got inspiration from. Which is found here.

Here was my result.

I used acrylic paints for the entire mani. Didn't even use a colored polish as a base, just a regular base coat and top coat. This was a lot harder then I anticipated. It took me an hour and a half to do the queen. Another hour on the Mad hatter and then I realized it was almost 2am so decided to finish the other 2 this morning, which took another hour and a half. So in total this mani took me about 4 hours give or take. Iv'e taken that long to do manis before but something about this one gave me anxiety lol. Anyways, Here are some macro shots of each character.

 I hope you guys like it! Thanks for checking it out! :)

Until Next Time!

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