Red Coat Tuesday - Bestie Twin Nail Edition

Nothing to Disclose
Hello Lovelies!
So for those of you who don't know, Every Tuesday I will be posting some sort of mani that always features the color red. This is for the #redcoattuesday prompt which is themed around Pretty Little Liars. You can do this even if you don't have a blog and just an Instagram. All you have to do is post a pic every Tuesday of your red mani, you wearing a red lipstick, or a red outfit ect. So any PLL fans out there who would like to join should contact colormesocrazy

Onto today's post! 
This Tuesday the bestie Rose and I decided to do our monthly Bestie Twin Nail for Red Coat Tuesday. A few months back I bought both of us some feathers which neither of us have ever tried before on nails so we were both nervous but excited to try them out.

The Finished Results

My Solo Shot

Polishes and Products Used

Macro Shot
The feather looks textured in the shot above but it actually wasn't. I used 2 thin coats of top coat which left a smooth finish. 

I love the end result of our manis and had fun trying something new! 
Everyone ready for tonight's Pretty Little Liars?

Until Next Time!