Cinema Swatch Lacquer - The Labyrinth Collection

"You remind me of a babe!"
"What Babe?"
"Babe with the power!"
"What Power?"
"Power of Voodoo"
"Who do?"
"You do!"
"Do what?"
"Remind me of a babe!"

If you are an obsessed The Labyrinth movie fan then you definitely just sang all that as you read it! haha Can ya'll guess what awesome swatches I have to share with you today?! The Labyrinth collection made by Cinema Swatch Lacquer.

This movie is legit as old as I am, It came out the year I was born and it was a movie that my older siblings, our mother and myself all watched together a lot! I remember as a child certain parts scared the crap out of me. I was terrified of the Fireys, and even now get a bit creeped out by them, don't judge me! haha! but now as an adult I watch it a few times a year, at least. I love the whole craziness of it and praise Jim Henson for is creativity! 

Anyways, lets get into the great polishes!!

The Owl
The Owl is a clear glitter topper that consist of black shards, bronze and caramel glitters as well as gold sparkle dust. This beauty is meant to mimic the beautiful yet somewhat creepy owl. I used 1 sponge coat over Zoya 'Sailor' and sealed it with a glossy top coat. The formula was good and applied well and no fishing was needed.

Fairies Bite
Fairies Bite is a light pink glitter topper that consist of iridescent flakies. This sparkly polish was made to mimic the shimmer and iridescent effect on fairy wings. I used 1 coat over Bliss Polish 'White Hot' and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and applied easily. After taking these pics and sending them to the maker I had realized I really should have swatched this over a darker color so you could see the flakies better, my bad guys....sadface. I'll have to try it over another mani soon!

Beyond the Bog
Beyond the Bog is a dark teal jelly with blue and green flakies through out. I used 3 coats and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was a little sheer compared to what I'm used to with with Cinema swatch polishes but I discussed this with Rachel and she agreed and is now making it more opaque so you don't have to use too many coats. This polish is inspired by my favorite scene as a kid. The seen where Ludo, The gentle giant Goblin, as well as a few other characters have to cross over a very smelly bog called 'The Bog of Eternal Stench", by walking over these big rocks that make farting noises when they step on them! As a kid I thought it was the funniest thing ever! haha so of course that's the part of the scene I had to recreate on my accent nail!

Fireys is a fire red jelly packed with red and gold glitters. I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and applied well. This polish is inspired by the things that gave me nightmares after watching the movie, The Fireys. These creepy buggers removed body parts while singing and dancing. Yah, now you see why I was horrified as a kid! haha


Ello Peach
Ello Peach is a shimmery topper with tons of peach and pink glitters in numerous sizes. I used 1 sponge coat over 'No Power Over Me' (next swatch) and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and no fishing was needed for the glitters. This polish was inspired by the adorable British accent worm that you meet right as Sarah enters the Labyrinth. Till this day I want him as a pet haha!


No Power Over Me
No Power Over Me is a bright indigo polish with scattered holo. I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. The name of this polish is a very important quote from the movie, as the Goblin King has control over Sarah through out the whole story and her finally realizing this, she says the quote and the entire crazy, enchanted world crumbles and she is no longer afraid.


Pretty Baubles
Pretty Baubles is a clear glitter topper that consist of large orb like holo dots in silver, pink and purple as well as tiny iridescent glitters. I used one sponge coat over China Glaze 'Liquid Leather' and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and surprisingly I had no trouble getting those large circles out of the bottle. Some placement was needed for them though. This is my favorite of the group. It completely captures the famous bubble like spheres that the Goblin King is almost always holding in his hands, Hence my accent nail.


Overall, this collection is my favorite that I have reviewed for Cinema Swatch. Not only did the theme bring me down memory lane but the polishes themselves captured the story and characters so well. You can get these in full collection now for  $39 or separately for $6 each full size. "Dance magic Dance..." What are you waiting for!? Dance on over to Cinema Swatch to grab these fun polishes!

Cinema Swatch Lacquer

Until Next Time! 

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  1. Pretty Baubles is definitely my favorite! I love the accent nail you created for each polish too! :)

  2. Pretty Baubles is AMAZING! These are all great and you accent nails are just perfect! That movie is insane, abut I love it!

  3. I'm in awe of your accents nails!

  4. No Power Over Me and Beyond The Bog are my favorites. And your accent nails are total perfection! Now I need to go re-watch the movie since the first time I watched it I wasn't really paying attention (oops lol).

  5. You know, I've never actually seen this movie.....I probably should change that sometime soon. These polishes are gorgeous though!

  6. The swatches are gorgeous and so are the polishes, but the nailart is the true standout!

  7. The nail art is phenomenal on these! I love the shades as well! Beautifully done <3

  8. Ohhhh my gosh, Pretty Baubles! I LOVE Labyrinth and these polishes are perfect!

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