Crumpet 52 Week Challenge - Purple & Hearts

Hello Lovelies!
Today I have a quick art post to share with you! Going to be short but sweet because as we speak the hubs and I are in the process of creating my new nail room! I left the poor guy in there to paint by himself because I almost forgot to write and post this! eeek!

Anyways, here it is!
This weeks 52 week challenge prompt was Purple and/or Hearts. I decided on both!

Polishes and Products Used
  • Bsquared - Viola
  • KB Shimmer - Right as Reign
  • Color Club - Beyond
  • Born Pretty Store - Plate BP-32
  • Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat

I'll be posting the tutorial for this on my youtube later tonight if anyone is interested! Okay got to go back to painting the new nail room! So Excited! haha!
Until Next Time!

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  1. The Color Club holos are always awesome for this kind of nail art, and I love how this looks!

  2. These are so pretty!! I hope you do a post on your nail room when it's done, I love posts like those!!

  3. These are super pretty! Love the gradient and stamping - it all works so well together!

  4. OH Im jealous of your new nail room! I dream of having a space for my polish and blogging. Cant wait for the tutorial to be post because I love how this turned out. Especially how ti looks like the hearts fade along with the background even though I know it doesn't.

  5. I love this! The concentric hearts look amazing!

  6. gorgeous! You always kill it with those macro shots!

  7. This is so pretty! I love the gradient and stamping :)

  8. This looks so great - stamping over gradients always looks so fancy!

  9. Stamping over gradient always wins my heart! I love this mani :)

  10. Love it! I'm such a sucker for purple manis.

  11. Oh my gosh these are flawless! I love them so much!

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