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Hello loves! Today I have some beautiful water decals from the Born Pretty Store to share with you!
To Use:

1. Most water decals tell you to start out with a white base so that the design on the decal show properly. So for each mani I did just that.

I then pealed the clear plastic off of the decal sheet.

3. I carefully cut each nail decal and place it in room temp water for 10-20 seconds. 
4. I then slid the decal off of the white backing.

5. Apply it to the nail and top coat.

Item number # 20598 and sold for $2.99

Here are more manis I did using and handful of the other decals.

item number # 20596 and sold for  $2.99

item number # 20596 and sold for  $2.99

Item number # 20606 and sold for $2.99

Item number # 20610 and sold for $2.99


Overall, all designs were super pretty and the decals themselves were pretty easy to work with. I do however notice that the ones with the darker backgrounds show imperfections(tears, wrinkles) more. Maybe using a darker polish as a base would work better but I think doing so would make it so the colors on the decal wouldn't show up as well. The other thing is, I don't think size wise these are workable for most nail types. The length of them is pretty descent but width not so much. I have really small nail beds both length and width and I struggled to get them to fit properly.

For more info please visit the links below!

Born Pretty Store

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