How To: Use Water Decals over Dark Polishes

Nothing to Disclose
TGIF loves! So today I have a quick post to share with you that will hopefully help at least a few of you out! Let's get right into it! 

So you know how when you get water decals the instructions usually say to use them over a white base or a pastel colored polish? That's all good but it leaves you with limited ideas for a mani. Well thanks to Green Goddess Creations I learned that you can actually paint the back of your decals white before apply them so that you can use them over any color! WHAAAA! Was I the only person who didn't know this?! haha

Anywho, I tried this numerous times and the freaking decal just kept moving or curling it on itself, leaving me with serious sadface! lol So I sort of gave up for a couple weeks =/ Well I was doing a reverse stamping mani when it dawned on me, what about putting the decal onto the stamping head and then painting it? Like you would if you were coloring in a stamping pattern! It worked!! sweeet!

To make things easier I did a video tutorial on this for ya! Hope you guys enjoy it and try this method out for yourself! If you do let me know, I would love to see your manis!