HPB Presents Neon Polka Dots

Nothing to Disclose
TGIF sweeties!! Today is the first day of the "Hobby Polish Bloggers" August Link-up and this months theme is Neon! My favorite type of colors of summer! This link up is good from August 21st-28th and you can post as many neon manis as you like between those dates. I plan on doing at least 3 more! Anyways, here is my first prompt! Neon Polka Dots!!

Way back when, I seen @ermahgerdpolish post a super cute polka dot mani and I have had it saved ever since to recreate. You can view her mani here. Cute right? I don't really do polka dot manis often because well quite frankly, dotting tools and I are not friends! but I spent the past few days doing 2 manis using the dotting tools to practice and I don't think I did too bad? I wish I could master each dot being the same size but I'll take what I can get! haha

Polishes Used:
Virago Varnish-I Can't Kelp Myself
Virago Varnish-Summer Highlighter of my Life
Virago Varnish-Tsunami Mommy
Dashing Housewife Polish-Let Freedom Ring
Glisten and Glow-HK Girl Top Coat

And here is the tutorial! Don't forget to subscribe to my you-tube for more tutorials! :)