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Hello Loves! Today I have a fun throw back type post for ya! I recently joined the group "Indie Inlinkz" and this months prompt is "Your Very First Indie". This sounded so exciting to me because I got to post yet again about one of my favorite polishes I still own to date! 

My very first Indie was "Jax" from Bliss Polish. Jax is from the SOA collection and is still sold in her shop almost 2 years later! Jax is a charcoal gray holo polish that dries to a smooth matte finish but can also be worn with a glossy top coat. I use two thin coats to achieve full opacity. The formula is great and it applies very well and evenly. This polish sucked me into this hobby of swatching and reviewing polishes. The one that started it all! haha I am still in-love with this polish and actually sparingly use it because I'm afraid to run out haha! Jax is just one of the 7 polishes from the Sons of Anarchy collection. Right now it is sold out but if it comes back in stock you can purchase it for $8.25

According to my instagram the first time I used it was 95 weeks ago. Feast your eyes on my very first EVER Indie polish swatch!

I LOVE looking back and seeing how far I have come with my swatching as well as my "photography". Back then I was taking photos with a flash and in my window so it is definitely not the best quality photo! Doesn't do it justice what so ever! Plus I had no idea what cuticle oils and balms were haha!

So I did another swatch of it 53 weeks ago. 

This time my photo was taken in a light box but camera quality was still a bit off. My favorite type of polishes are dark colors especially grays so when I first seen this I knew I had to get it! Plus it was my first ever mate polish as well!

Well 95 weeks later and here is my most recent swatches of Jax! And yup! I still love it! haha

I hope you enjoyed going do memory lane with me and seeing the exact polish that pulled me into the obsession of indie polishes. Jax is more then just a polish for me, corny I know, but for realsss! haha! 

If interested in this polish please check out Bliss Polish at the links below!

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  1. this looks like velvet. I want to pet it.

  2. It's fun to see our photography improve and evolve along with our collections!

  3. I loved to see the different swatches in time!

  4. This looks like gorgeous!

  5. I loved her SOA collections. I wasn't able to get jax, it always seemed to be out of stock when I wanted it! I have juice, venus, and Gemma though

  6. Ohh this is amazing. I'm a huge matte fan!

  7. Oh! Jax! I need to wear that one again. Such a beauty :).

  8. It's so smooth, I want to touch it! :D

  9. This polish is awesome! I need to buy more mattes!

  10. I dont own any from this brand but that polish looks awesome. Love the matte finish to it.

  11. That is beautiful! What a velvety finish!

  12. Beautiful swatch and polish! I'm a fan of Bliss Polish and I still remember when this one debuted!

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