31DC2015 | 30 Days of Colour

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! Today I have a handful of challenge prompts to share with you. I have 3 prompts for 31DC2015 as well as 3 prompts for 30 days of colour. I know, a lot of prompts but I'm determined to get through all 31 days of each challenge and in order for me to do that I have to combine them and post more then one at a time. I know its confusing but at the end of the month I will be sharing 2 collages of each challenge so you guys can see them all together. If I complete these then that means it will be the first time I have completed a full 31 day challenge, let alone 2 of them! fingers crossed! Anyways, onto the prompts!

Rainbow-Day 9-31DC2015
Polka Dots-Day 11-31DC2015
Acrylic Paint


Gradient-Day 10-31DC2015
Glitter-Day 17-31DC2015
Magenta-Day 9-30 Days of Colour
Indigo-Day 10-30 Days of Colour
Orchid-Day 11-30 Days of Colour
KB Shimmer- Radiant Orchid
KB Shimmer- Beach Please
KB Shimmer- Right as Reign
ILNP-A Golden Orchid

CDB Lacquer-Gold Stamping Polish
(^^not available, it is in testing stages)

Well thats it! I hope you guys like them! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. omg I love this. That gradient with the gold stamping over...I need my hair to be that exact color pls.

  2. So clever how you were able to combine all of those prompts into one mani! It doesn't look forced and everything works together like a dream. Very creative.


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