31DC2015 | 30 Days of Colour

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! Today I have a handful of challenge prompts to share with you. I have 3 prompts for 31DC2015 as well as 3 prompts for 30 days of colour. I know, a lot of prompts but I'm determined to get through all 31 days of each challenge and in order for me to do that I have to combine them and post more then one at a time. I know its confusing but at the end of the month I will be sharing 2 collages of each challenge so you guys can see them all together. If I complete these then that means it will be the first time I have completed a full 31 day challenge, let alone 2 of them! fingers crossed! Anyways, onto the prompts!

Rainbow-Day 9-31DC2015
Polka Dots-Day 11-31DC2015
Acrylic Paint


Gradient-Day 10-31DC2015
Glitter-Day 17-31DC2015
Magenta-Day 9-30 Days of Colour
Indigo-Day 10-30 Days of Colour
Orchid-Day 11-30 Days of Colour
KB Shimmer- Radiant Orchid
KB Shimmer- Beach Please
KB Shimmer- Right as Reign
ILNP-A Golden Orchid

CDB Lacquer-Gold Stamping Polish
(^^not available, it is in testing stages)

Well thats it! I hope you guys like them! Thanks for stopping by!