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Hello Sweeties! Today I have a few reviews for you as well as a couple of challenge prompts. First lets start with the prompts. Today's Prompt for "30 Days of Colour" is Turquoise and the prompt for 31DC2015 is Metallic so I combined them and ended up with the first mani below.

This is item #11975 and is sold for $1.59

Although the charm is pretty big, at least for my small nails, it still looked really cute. It also formed around the shape of my nail well so it stayed intact for at least 24 hours(probably would have lasted longer if I didn't take it off myself) There are numerous crown charms in this listing to choose from as well! Only downside for me is you can see the glue holding the rhinestones in place which usually wouldn't bother me but the glue has a yellowish color tone to it so it makes the charm look like its tarnished when its not. You can see what I am talking about in the macro below.

KBShimmer-Shore Thing
OPI-Push and Shove
Born Pretty Store- Stamping Plate BP-05
Stripping Tape


This is #10441 and is sold for $2.34

I am in-love with how this charm looked with this mani! Again it was easy to apply and lasted a good amount of time but I did hit the edges a lot! The parts that stick off the sides of the nail ( the ribbon ends on the bow) would catch on to a lot of things including my own fingers beside it lol so I am pretty surprised with how long it lasted. 

KB Shimmer-Eclipse
KB Shimmer-Eyes White Open
Sinful Colors-Cotton Candy


This is item #7219 and sold for $2.99

These fun neon nail studs were great and come in a round wheel organizer so each color and shape is separated, making it easy to get exactly the shape and color you desire at that time. As soon as I seen the colors I immediately thought of this Polish'M polish "What a View!'. The studs matched perfectly! Only slight downside, and in my opinion wasn't a big deal because you couldn't really notice it from afar, was some of them had a cracked looked to them, as you can see in the yellow circle stud below.

Polish'M-What a View!
Wet'n'Wild-Matte Top Coat


Overall, I think all of these charms and studs are cute and can be used numerous ways. Especially if you have larger nails! But even with my tiny nail beds I still loved them and was even able to look past the yellow glue in the crown because I enjoyed it so much. Some of you may think differently though so I still wanted to make sure I told you all about it. You can purchase all these items now! Check out the links below for more info!

Born Pretty Store

And don't forget to use code below for 10% off your Born Pretty Order!


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  1. Love the turquoise mani and how you decorated it with the empty space in the middle. You are so creative!

  2. I don't know why, but those black and white dots...I love them the most.

  3. I looooove the look with that matte Polish'M shade, so colorful and cute!

  4. I adore all the looks. You did it again! I'm so happy you are focusing on nail art, lol, so much inspiration for me!

  5. The charms are so cute!! Your nail art is always so adorable, and these are no exception! Great work :D

  6. The bow charm design is my favorite!! Love, love these! Great color schemes

  7. My favorite are those neon charms with that Polish perfect together! I also adore your other manis, they coordinate perfectly!

  8. That rhinestone crown is is so cute!

  9. Awesome looks! It's amazing that big charm stayed on so long. The one time I tried to wear one I picked it off within an hour >.<

  10. Oh you know how much I adore charms! These look so freaking cute!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those charms! They are so cute, I didn't realize BPS carried things like that!

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