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Hi all! Hope everyone has a fun and/or relaxing weekend planned!? Speaking of relaxing, today I have some awesome fall mani bombs to share with you sent to me by Ashley over at Forever Polished. These delicious smelling bombs are perfect for the fall season! Check them out!
Forever Polished-Mani Bombs

As per usual, I always test these out after a long swatch marathon and this is what my poor dry nails and cuticles looked like prior to the bomb.

I can definitely tell its fall and the weather has been cooler because I'm fighting a battle of dry cuticles, grrr! Luckily I always have some Forever Polished mani bombs on hand to help that fight! For this session I decided on using the Caramel Apple Mani Bomb. I'm on an apple kick lately so it only seemed right! haha

Forever Polished-Caramel Apple Mani Bomb ($1.35)
Forever Polished-Caramel Apple Mani Bomb
Forever Polished-Caramel Apple Mani Bomb

This is described as an apple, sweet caramel, with a hint of cinnamon and topped with brown sugar. The scent became even stronger(in a good way) as soon as it started fizzing in the bowl of water. The scent made me think of apple picking while eating a candy apple. Which I do every year, except sadly this year I was unable to, so this was comforting for me :)

I broke it in half and dropped it into a bowl of warm water and let my hands soak for about 5-10 min (could have done it longer but the water started getting cold haha) I then carefully massaged and scrubbed my nails and cuticles with the Pumpkin Latte Coffee Sugar Scrub.

Forever Polished-Pumpkin Latte Coffee Sugar Scrub($12.00)
Forever Polished-Pumpkin Latte Coffee Sugar Scrub
Forever Polished-Pumpkin Latte Coffee Sugar Scrub

This is described as a great blend of coffee and brown sugar. This can be used on hands, feet, face and body. This contains no FO and is naturally scented buy the coffee. The foaming bath whip adds a silky texture and will bubble up with you wash it off. Now lets not forget the coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E oil that is added to make this a super scrub.

I honestly was a little nervous about this one because #1. I don't do coffee. I haven't touched the stuff in 11 years so I was nervous I wasn't going to enjoy the scent but guys I was totally wrong! It actually made me crave a coffee! It not only smelled amazing but I loved the way it felt on my hands while massaging it. The butter like formula was super soft and creamy.

After the soak I pat my hands dry and ta dah! MAGIC! haha no but really, every time I use a Forever Polished Mani Bomb I feel like my cuticles and nails get a crazy make over or something! haha

Here are 2 other products I received that also worked and smelled unbelievable!

Forever Polished-S'mores Mani Bomb ($2.25)
Forever Polished-S'more Mani Bomb
Forever Polished-S'more Mani Bomb

This is described as a buttery popcorn and salt with a sweet coating of vanilla, caramel and brown sugar. This smell was so yummy and I wanted to be sitting around a cozy campfire making smores! 

Lastly we have,
Forever Polished-Pumpkin Pecan Waffles topped with Maple Bacon ($3.00)
Forever Polished-Pumpkin Pecan Waffles topped with Maple Bacon
Forever Polished-Pumpkin Pecan Waffles topped with Maple Bacon

This is described as a Vanilla pumpkin waffle topped with brown sugar, pecans and fresh whipped cream topped with maple bacon syrup. Guys, no joke, As soon as I finished using this on my feet I made waffles for dinner, strictly because it made me crave them like whoa! haha! Delicious! 

I have no photos of use for this bomb because I HATE feet and refuse to share mine with you haha but I assure you my feet were super soft and my cuticles were super easy to push back after which is a plus for me because It's hard for me to do my toes due to my chronic illness(makes it so I cant sit in specific positions long, like leaning forward) So by being able to push my cuticles back I didn't have nail polish all over them and I didn't have to lean forward long to do a cuticle clean up! huge plus! haha

Anywho, Overall as I'm sure you can tell, I loved every item and am now sad I got greedy and decided to use them all in one week! lmao! I only have a little piece of S'mores and  half of the Pumpkin waffle left. haha! Please check out the video below to see how I use the mani bomb and don't forget to check out the links to Forever Polished for more info on her amazing products!

Forever Polished

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