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Happy hump day! So this week I will be starting a new installment called "Planner Mani Wednesday". The bestie Roselynn over at manicuredandmarvelous has created a monster and got me addicted to planners. I have always had a little planner to keep my schedule, thoughts and ideas organized but it was just a small cheap one from the dollar store each year and I simply just wrote in it. But then Rose introduced me to the world of decorating your planner and making it fun. To me it kind of feels like scrap booking, which was something I used to do frequently as a teen. Well, Rose being the awesome chica she is sent me my Christmas present early this year and it was a real big girl planner! hahaha! 

A beautiful lilac and gold strap book. What makes this awesome is it's like a mini binder so you can make, purchase and/or print your own inserts such as calender's, schedules ect. I didn't realize just how much fun this would become until I got it last week! 

Now that I rambled on and on about my awesome planner! Thank you Roselynn!!!! Let's get into the first installment of "Planner Mani Wednesday" shall we?

Each week I decorate a Mon-Fri schedule and I decided to do a mani inspired by each weeks decor. This weeks decor was black and white skulls and bats, glittery skulls and bats, ohhhh ahhhh! haha as well as some pink page flags to give it a little color.

I don't know why that big black glittery skull looks kinda purplish but I assure you in person it looks just like that bat lol.

Anyways, I decided I was going to use this weeks planner mani also as my last  "Funky French" prompt for The Nail Challenge Collaborative group. Here was my results.

I Love how the free hand skull and bat turned out and I feel like they pop on top of the white and bright pink base. I used a stamping plate for the middle and ring nails pattern and free hand painted everything else. I did the tips like a pond mani. Same thing I did with my Jack Skellington pond mani[here]

Polishes and Products Used:
Zoya- Storm
KB Shimmer- Eyes White Open
KB Shimmer- Eclipse
Born Pretty Store- Various Arabesque Pattern Plate BP-L008
Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Glossy Top Coat
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Homemade sheer black polish

Well, That's it! Thank you for swinging by! Anyone else into planners like Rose and I? Let me know in the comments below!! XO

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  1. I love your nails! They look great :)

  2. This is completely amazing - so complex!

  3. Haha you're welcome my love! I am so happy to see you enjoying the planner so much. It makes me so happy. Love this segment idea, I can't wait till I can do the same!

  4. Love the planner, love the inspired mani! Your style really shines through here :)

  5. These are great! I love how you incorporated the lace look into this.

  6. Love it!! Those skulls are so fantastic!

  7. I love this mani, from the french to the black popping so great over pink!

  8. This mani is so fantastic, but the negative space funky French tips make this even more amazing. You did a lovely job!

  9. Oh my, this is amazing! And no worries, it's just your monitor, it looks perfectly black here!
    But man oh man, this is amazing. I can't even...!

  10. How adorable! Should I be saying that about skulls?

  11. These are so cool!! I love the pond effect with the skulls!

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