Zoya | Naked Manicure Set Review

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Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you my experience with the Zoya naked Manicure kit. I've been seeing this set all over the place for a few months now and I was loving the results. So decided I needed to try it out for myself. I purchased the mini set for $35 which included six Perfectors, a base, a Satin Seal Topcoat and Glossy Seal Topcoat.

 After reading the instructions I decided on my 2 Perfecters, and I chose the Lavender Perfecter which is for neutralizing discoloration and the Buff Perfecter which had the closest color match to my own nail as well as the Tip Perfector which is used to mimic a natural tip.
Zoya Naked Manicure

 I'm pleasantly surprised with just how much I'm liking the way this looks. I wouldn't say it looks natural per say but it does look nice and gives you a lovely french manicure. So I kept this on for 3 days which is a really long time for me to keep a mani on but I wanted to test its wear. and guys, during those 3 days I showered, washed my hands numerous times, used oils and lotions, even carved a pumpkin! Barely any wear at all! the gloss did fade slightly but still looks pretty awesome in my opinion. So my thoughts, The kit seems to do exactly as it says. My nails look and feel better. The wear time alone is a selling point for me because any other time I have done a french mani the white polished tips crack and chip and this polish did none of that. 

So I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys wearing a french manicure that looks as close to natural as possible grab this set! In my opinion its definitely worth all the hype and the money! 

If you would like to see me using this kit along with more photos, watch the video below! And please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube for more nail tutorials! XO

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  1. I diy'd a purple tinted polish forever ago, and these Naked shades have always piqued my interest.


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