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Hello loves! Today I have a few items from the Born Pretty Store to share with you. 
Let's get right to it!

First I have the
Item # 4164

This is a set of cute black bow charms. If you look closely in the macro shot you can see that it actually has some glitter in it. Easy to apply and looked adorable. They are kind of big for the smaller nail bed nails like mine but I still loved it. In the photos the bow looks a little tarnished I guess you could say but in person you don't see all the little imperfections on them.


Item # 22612 

Contains Natural Rubber Latex, Water, Fragrance, Coconut oil, Antibacterial and Anti fungal agents, and color. I will say that it applied easily and dried within 4 minutes but It had a very strong scent. Almost like some sort of cleaning product. I also had a hard time figuring out if it dried because it didn't change color or anything like that and it still looked wet when it wasn't.

It did help keep my cuticles clean from an ombre I did on my nails but honestly, it was a bit of a pain to remove. Instead of pulling apart in one piece like most Liquid Latex barriers this one kept coming apart in stringy pieces.

I left it alone for another 5min thinking, hmm maybe it wasn't fully dry yet. and sadly it still came apart in crackly like pieces and in the long run I still ended up having to use some remover to get all the tiny pieces off from around my nail.

So overall, It does help from getting nail polish all over your cuticles but It still made me do some cleaning up that I normally wouldn't have to do with my other liquid latex barriers I use.


Last up is
Item # 22972

This is a charcoal gray to purple creme thermal. I applied two coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Applied smoothly and easily. Great transition.


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