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Good afternoon loves! Today I have my monochrome mani for the group Hobby Polish Bloggers as well as a couple reviews for Born Pretty Store. Let's get right into it! 

Here is my end result for my Monochrome design.

I was planning on using this as a base for some Audrey Hepburn water decals and thought shades of turquoise/aqua would match them well. They did end up a bit brighter then I was going for but I still love them!

Polishes and Products Used:
Color Club- Age of Aquarious
Virtuous Polish- Rehab
Virago Varnish- Wait Unteal the Sun Sets
Born Pretty Store- Plate BP 02
Born Pretty Store- Sponge and Holder
Glisten and Glow- HK Girl Top Coat


Now onto the reviews!

First up we have the 
Item # 20985

This set comes with 10 slowly absorbing sponges that fit perfectly into a little plastic holder. They did exactly as described on the website. They didn't absorb the polish nearly as fast as a make up sponge would which made it so I could use the sponge across at least 4 nails before having to apply more polish. You can also reuse each sponge by flipping it around until there is no more open space so you can get at least 4 uses out of each sponge. Only down side for me is the price mainly because of how much I do gradients. I go through a bag of make up sponges rather quickly and they are cheaper for more. But if you only do gradients/ombres every now and then then this set is perfect for you and will last you awhile.


Next we have the
Item # 21079

These were very easy to use and looked great, from a far. I wasn't a fan of how blurry and pixelated each image was(which you can see in the macro below). They were still cute and good for the price but I was a bit disappointed in the end result.

Below is a video of me using both the sponge set as well as the water decals. Please subscribe to my youtube for more nail art tutorials! XO

For more info on Born Pretty Store check out the link below!
Born Pretty Store

And don't forget to use code below for 10% off your Born Pretty Order!


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  1. Kind of disappointing about the decals being so blurry but I really like how your gradient turned out!

  2. The sponge thingy sounds nice, I am always annoyed at how much polish I need for a proper gradient so I might geve these a try!

  3. Wow your nail really rock - great work & presentation! Loved it so much!

  4. The spongy thing looks great. I always find it difficult to find the perfect sponge.

  5. Beautiful mani, I need that sponge holder

  6. These are beautiful!! I love the colors that you chose!

  7. Those colors are wonderful together. Perfect choice for the monochromatic theme.

  8. I especially like the crackle look of the stamping plated that you used. Beautiful color combination.

  9. I had already heard about those decals being pixelated and I stayed far away from them for that reason. I do love your gradient and stamping though!

  10. I have always wondered about the sponges,

  11. Wow, stunning manicure! The decals look good in the first pic, shame about them being pixelated. Feels like quite a common problem though. .

  12. So cool! I love the gradient with the stamp, it's perfection. And the decals are so cute, it's such a bummer that they're so blurry...

  13. Holy crap that's gorgeous! I love the color scheme

  14. Wow! Those colors are perfect together and I always love your gradients.

  15. Beautiful! Really like these, both with and without the decals. Followed :)

  16. I LOOOOVE these colors! And everything about your mani! SO beautiful!


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