Digit-al Dozen | New & Improved Day 2

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! Today is day two of Digit-al Dozen "New and Improved", and for today's mani I decided to finally try the one stroke method. I see most people do this technique by painting flowers but it's winter so I wanted to try something else. I decided on snow covered trees! I paint all the time, whether it be on my nails or a canvas and I can't believe I am only just now trying this technique out. Below you can see that I practiced on my Uber chic mat first. i wont lie, I had to do this about 10 times on the mat before I was able to hold my hand properly to get the effect I was going for lol
One stroke painting is when you apply 2 colors of paint(sometimes more depending on how skilled you are) to one brush and achieve shadows and highlights with one stroke instead of layering paint to get that effect(which is what I usually do).

As you can see, I applied a green and a white paint to my brush to get a snow covered tree look. I also moved the brush up and down when applying the paint to give it more texture and flow. I finished the look by adding some falling snow and sealed it with a matte top coat.

Polishes and Products used:
Zoya - Willa
ILNP - Mountain View
Wet'n'Wild - Matte Top Coat
Twinkled T - Flat Paint Brush
Apple Barrel - Acrylic Paint 

I really enjoyed the outcome of this mani and plan on using this technique more often. Have you tried this technique before? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for stopping by! XO

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  1. This is one of my favourite techniques! love these!

  2. Great use of the technique and awesome mani! I love the chubby trees!

  3. Wow, these look so cool!! You killed it!

  4. I think this is easily one of my favorite manis you have ever done! It's so beautiful!


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