Digit-al Dozen | Whimsy | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Happy Hump Day! This week is dragging for me that's for sure. I had another doctor appointment this week and it went well but I still have to wait for some test results which is making me nervous as heck. Our family also received some scary news earlier this week so I kind feel like I'm in bit of a fog. But I know I have no choice but to keep pushing forward and thinking positive the best way I know how, through my nail art!

Today I have Day 3 of Digit-al Dozen Whimsy. I decided to go with a fairy today, and here was my result!

I started out by doing a bright purple to Aqua blue gradient. I really wanted the silhouettes to stand out and felt like a bright background would achieve that. I also did a coat of a gorgeous turquoise shimmer over the gradient to give it that magical vibe. I then freehand painted a moon, grass, flowers ect. And finished it with a fairy stamp. I sealed the mani with a matte top coat.

Polishes and Products Used:
Pipedream Polish- Happy Hour
Pipedream Polish- Harlequin
Supernatural Lacquer-All Resistance
Winstonia Plate-W208
Apple Barrel- Acrylic Paint
Powder Perfect- Mattificent Top Coat

I'm really happy with the result of this one. I really enjoy doing silloutte manis. What do you guys think? Thanks so much for stopping by! Until Next Time! XO

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  1. Your art is so amazing! My fingers are crossed that you feel better soon. Sending you good vibes!

  2. These are beautiful!! The base you created is stunning and I love the art. Keep your head up, lovely<3


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