Digit-al Dozen | Rainbow | Day 5

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! For this weeks last day of Digit-al Dozen Rainbow I wanted to do something special. In light of the tragedy that unfolded last weekend in Orlando I wanted to show my support to all those who lost their lives, were injured, to their families as well as the whole LGBT community as a whole. So here is my LOVE IS LOVE mani!

I know and love so many in the LGBT community and seeing them go through what they are right now is heart breaking! The hate in this world saddens me to my core and I wish people would learn to love and support others rather then waste so much energy on hate and violence! Love is Love, its that simple. Life is too short to be so hateful!!

Polishes and Products Used:
Zoya- Hannah
Pipedream Polish-Rhythm
Pipedream Polish-Light of Day
Pipedream Polish-Tabanca
Pipedream Polish-All In
Pipedream Polish-Harlequin
Whats Up Nails-Water Marble Tool
Apple Barrel-Black Acrylic Paint
Whats Up Nails-Heart Vinyls
Powder Perfect- Matte Top Coat

No video this time guys, sorry! It took me FOREVER to do this yesterday and I just didn't have the patience to record it all plus edit everything :(

Thank you all so much for stopping by! And please remember to be kind and compassionate to one another! XO

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