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Hey there guys! Today I have a review for a nail care product to share with you. A few months back I purchased my very first Acetone Additive from Supernatural Lacquer. An Acetone Additive is an oil based mixture you add to your acetone to help fight off the usual dryness regular acetone causes, plus it helps take away the harsh smell! 

(Photo by Supernatural Lacquer)
Image of Acetone Additive
Photo below shows the bottle half used.(Supernatural Lacquer now sells their additive in glass bottles) Such a small amount goes along way and works amazing!

The photo below shows you just how much I use for my 180ml container of acetone. Like I said, a little goes a long way and last me at least a month, which is a long time considering all the swatching I do every single day as well as nail art, so I go through acetone very very quickly!

Here is a shot of what my nails and cuticles look like using just plain acetone-NO additive.

As you can see, regular acetone dries out not only my nails but the skin around them, leaving behind a white film. I hate hate hate the way plain acetone makes my skin feel and look which is why once I heard about these acetone additives I had to test them out!

Now here's a photo of what my nails and cuticles look like using the acetone WITH the additive.

Doesn't even looked like I just used acetone right??? 

I will be perfectly honest with you guys. When I first purchased this I didn't really have high expectations, and a concern I had is how well the acetone mixed with oil would work with my clean up brushes. I feared having the oil in the acetone would make it so the acetone wouldn't work as easily and end up making clean up time between swatching longer and harder. I was wrong. the additive doesn't effect the acetone what so ever. It still removes just as quickly and easily and now it doesn't dry my cuticles out or smell horrific! 

Supernatural Lacquer carries tons of scents to choose from. The 3 I have tried so far are Buttercream Frosting, Lavender and Eucalyptus Mint. I adored all 3! Especially the Lavender one and Eucalyptus Mint, since for me both of those scents are my go to relaxing scents that help with my anxiety. I actually asked Stefanie if she would be able to make a Eucalyptus Mint scent and within a couple weeks she had it available in shop!

So in short, If you hate the dry effect and harsh smell of regular acetone, then I highly recommend trying Supernatural Lacquers Acetone Additive!


Acetone Additive Instructions:
Shake the additive bottle until contents are CLOUDY. Add ½ bottle per 8 oz of acetone. Gently shake acetone container to disperse the ingredients (fizzing/bubbles are normal). Additives may discolor acetone slightly but will not stain the nails or alter effectiveness or clean up abilities. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep away from heat and flame. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Separation of additive ingredients between uses may occur. Discard unused product after 1 year.

100% USP rated vegetable glycerin, distilled water, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, essential oil and/or skin approved fragrance oils.

For more info please check out the links below!

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