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Hey guys! Today I have a quick review on a skull charm I recieved from Lady Queen

Item# NA0170 $1.99
1PC Black  White Skull  Nail Polish Nail Diy Alloy Drill 3D Nail Decoration  Nail Studs
I received the white skull and this was the mani I created.

I created a black to white gradient and topped it with a fun black and white glitter topper then sealed it with a glossy top coat. On the accent nail I simply painted it a sparkly black and applied the skull charm.

I think the idea of the charm is pretty cool but I felt like the detail on it was pretty rough. As you can see below the eyes aren't fully cut away and on the left side of the white pearl part there was a jagged piece sticking out.

The charm looks great from afar but to be honest it only looks good when looking directly at it. As you can see from the photo below it is a pretty big charm and it raises up off the nail pretty drastically. It's also heavy and I had to hold it on the nail for a decent amount of time before it would dry fully. The weight of it kept making it slide down my nail.

I would definitely use this again for nail art photo purposes but I wouldn't actually wear for a long period of time. No doubt that skull would catch on things and pull right off. There may be some out there who enjoy a big heavy piece like this on their nails but sadly I'm just not one of them.

For more info on Lady Queen please check out the links below!

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