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Hi loves! I have a handful of water decal manis to share with you today! I received a package full of tons of water decals from ShopKeeki! Shopkeeki is located in Manchester, England and is a company that sell decals, charms as well as other nail related products.

These are the 12 different sets of decals I used in all of the manis.

You will need:
A small bowl of water
Paper towel
Top Coat Nail Polish

Follow the following steps:
1. Paint your Nails any color of your choice and let them dry completely
2. Cut out the nail decal
3. Hold the nail decal in a small bowl of water with tweezers for 30 seconds
4. Slide the nail decal off the white backing
5. Carefully place the nail decal on your nail
6. Dab excess water off the nail decal with a paper towel
7. Seal in the nail decal with a few coats of top coat nail polish

Extra Tip:
The colored nail decals are slightly transparent therefore, won't show up on dark nail polish very well. You can however use this trick I have done in the past if you would rather use the colored decal over a darker polish) 

Bird Cages

Dream Quotes, Feathers & Dream Catcher

L.O.V.E Letters

Wild Quotes & Cat Face

Tie Dye Hearts & Good Vibes

All decals worked very well. i had no issues applying any of them. 
Prices for these vary depending on the decal.

Please visit links below for more info!

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