Digital Dozen | Rainforest | Day 2

Nothing to Disclose
Hi loves! Today is day 2 of Digital Dozen 'Rainforest'. This time I have some fun bestie twin nails to share with you! The lovely Amanda from Lady Maid Nails asked the members of Digital Dozen if anyone would like to do some bestie nails and I jumped at the chance! We decided on doing two days of besties and this is our day one! An adorable little lizard that Amanda picked! 

She sent me her photo first and I recreated it! I started out with a green base. Added some subtle sparkle then free hand painted everything else. Sealed it all with a matte top coat.

I think Amanda's mani was super cute and fun to recreate! Be sure to find and check out hers below! xo

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  1. Eee I love it, look at that little lizard face! Adorable!! You both did so well!

  2. LOVE both of your manis! Love the touch of sparkle as well! Adds a nice touch!

  3. I love what you guys created! <3 So adorable! The little blue lizard is super cute!

  4. Aww these are so cute!! You guys both did great!

  5. That lizard is cute, but honestly, the flowers are the best part of this manicure!

  6. These manis.. They could easily be birthday or greeting cards and I would buy them and frame them (I have more than a dozen greeting cards framed, so I'm serious).

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