Digital Dozen | Rainforest | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! We are midway through the week for Digital Dozens 'Rain Forest'! And today I have the second bestie twin nails with Amanda(lady maid nails) to share with you! This time we decided on a Toucan and we wanted to recreate this mani [here] by @lifeisbetterpolished.
I started out with a nude base. Added some white polka dots using circle vinyls because well, I pretty much suck with the dotting tool! haha! I then free hand painted the Toucan and leaves. I also decided to add some more color to my Toucan to make him pop on the nail more. I love how colorful Toucans are! So pretty!

Well thats it for the Bestie Twin nails with Amanda! Thank you Amanda for doing these with me, I had a so much fun :)