Digital Dozen | Rainforest | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! We are midway through the week for Digital Dozens 'Rain Forest'! And today I have the second bestie twin nails with Amanda(lady maid nails) to share with you! This time we decided on a Toucan and we wanted to recreate this mani [here] by @lifeisbetterpolished.
I started out with a nude base. Added some white polka dots using circle vinyls because well, I pretty much suck with the dotting tool! haha! I then free hand painted the Toucan and leaves. I also decided to add some more color to my Toucan to make him pop on the nail more. I love how colorful Toucans are! So pretty!

Well thats it for the Bestie Twin nails with Amanda! Thank you Amanda for doing these with me, I had a so much fun :)

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  1. this is adorable! I love the background, it really compliments the toucan! :)

  2. Your toucan is so gorgeous!

  3. Gahh, these are so cute! Your toucan came out so well!

  4. Love these!! The dots with it are perfect!

  5. Vinyls for dots!!!! Great idea! I loved this guy, he was a ton of fun. Anytime you are game!

  6. These are AWESOME! I really really like that neutral background, it really makes him pop!

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